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Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators
Ozone Generators
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Product Description


Pollution can cause unpleasant tastes and odors in raw water due to the presence of several harmful substances.

In order to obtain drinking water that has no taste or odor, these substances can be destroyed by oxidation and the only oxidant that is effective for this application is Ozone, although its action is limited because it sometimes has difficulty in attacking saturated compounds. Alternatively, a treatment combination of O3 + H2O2 can completely destroy these compounds.

It’s clearly seen that ozone is, by far, the most powerful disinfectant and particularly, the only one able to ensure an efficient inactivation of the cysts and oocysts of parasitic protozoa.

This makes ozone economically feasible when GAC is needed.

Ozone can totally replace chlorine, chloramines or chlorine dioxide in the pre oxidation and main oxidation stages. In addition, although some form of chlorine residual is nearly always required in the distribution networks, ozone can drastically reduce its use, enhance the quality of the water and still be more economical than other oxidants.


  • Shells
  • Control Circuit
  • High Voltage Circuit
  • Ozone Controller
  • High Capacity Air Pump
  • Can be designed as per the requirements of the users.


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Key Personnel
Mr. Abhik Kumar De (Chief Executive Officer (CEO))